Camera + Music based game for Android $ iOS platform

Camera + Music based game for Android $ iOS platform


Job Description

Looking forward to creating a Camera + Music based game for Android devices.

The UI and graphics will be provided and only the programming for the game development needs to be done.

"The game need to be completed within 20 days", including testing!

Only serious bidders who have experience and can finish the project in 20 days shall bid.

I have attached a swf that roughly explains the game.
More details will be provided to the selected bidder.

Step 1: Users can load or capture image to create the avatar.

Step 2: user will then edit/smudge the image for the button highlight effect during the game play.

"there are two states in buttons (1) normal and (2) highlighted.

User can choose a (face) image from their phone gallery or capture image.

The captured image will be the"Normal state". In the next step user will have to edit the (captured) image using the smudge tool.

Now during the game play....initially the face will be in "Normal" state. And when the user taps on any of the facial features (7 buttons) that particular facial feature image will change (i.e the highlight state)"

Step 3 : Game play. Checkout the swf attachment.

2) There are 5 stages. Each stage will have 5 levels.

3) The game will have lite version and a full/paid version.

4) Leaderboard and ads integration.