Sr. Design Engineer

Sr. Design Engineer


Job Description

The senior design engineer will work directly with user experience designers and the visual design team to build applications for Hot Studio clients. He or she will be responsible for working on the software design as well as building, testing, debugging and troubleshooting software, and modifying or extending existing software through coding standards best practices.

Job Responsibilities

• Demonstrate leadership on projects: guide small development teams and document all stages of the Software Development Process
• Develop server side code to support functional requirements
• Articulate the level of effort and timing of projects to Producers
• Share technical considerations with Visual Designers and User Experience Designers to support the creation of ac¬curate design comps
• Provide technical design documentation as needed
• Collaborate with Interface developers to integrate front-end code into the application
• Work with the design team to produce prototypes that help illustrate concepts to the team and to clients
• Develop tests to validate code
• Document best practices and code standards
• Demonstrate internal expertise for Design Engineering group and studio


• Strong Object Oriented Programming skills in languages such as Java, Python, C# or .NET
• Strong knowledge of PHP 5, Javascript, UNIX, SQL, XML, JSON (5+ years of experience)
• Experience with major PHP frameworks (Symfony, Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter)
• Experience with major Javascript frameworks: JQuery, Prototype, EXT JS
• Experience with HTML5 or Mobile Frameworks desired
• Extensive experience with LAMP stack and open source software
• Extensive CMS experience such as Drupal or Wordpress

• MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB
• Experience creating and consuming RESTful APIs
• Experience with SCM such as GIT, Subversion
• Experience and comfort in Waterfall, Agile development, and Test Driven Development
• Experience with other Web application frameworks such as Ruby on Rails is a plus

Skills: design, debugging, troubleshooting, leadership, software-development, producer, engineering

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