Artist Assistant

Artist Assistant


Job Description

I am an artist who is currently seeking assistance on a photo and video project that needs editing. This is a multimedia project that is a documentation of a performance piece that took place in Iceland.

Work includes (if you are able to work on either of the following that would be great) :
1. For publication purposes - 2000 images that need to be designed and organized into a book format
2. 5 hours of raw video footage that needs to be edited into a 30sec video loop
3. still images need to be captured from the video loop and made into 9 separate flip-books.

Key skills :
For the book project, if you have experience with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop for print production and book publishing experience that would be idea. For the video project, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere is a must.

I am looking for someone who will be willing to commit time into the project and take initiative in terms of layout and design of the final project. If you are interested in the project, I will send you a link to my website, blog and provide you with more information!

Skills: video, design, graphics, adobe-premiere, e-publishing