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Joomla & JomSocial Expert


Job Description

In Search of a Joomla developer with experience using Joomla 2.5, JomSocial, and PHP. This opportunity is for an experienced Joomla programmer/ developer/ development team with experience in customizing modules and transferring existing members.The site is

We are requesting quotes for
1. Repairing the current site.
2. Rebuilding the site as a replica of it previous to the recent incident.
3. Weekly minimum webmaster work to manage & monitor basic functionality.

Long-term we are looking for a webmaster or development team that will use a scalable tactic to grow with the site. As "Your One Source for Everything Pets, ™" the site must be formatted correctly from installation step 1. This is why we need to determine what the best solution would be based on having a minimal budget for the time being. is experiencing a registration error with existing members logging in, retrieving passwords, and users are unable to create new accounts. PetBlaster would like to fix the platform we are currently operating on or rebuild from scratch if necessary.
The site requires a fully functional social network with functioning features and a transfer of 32,000 members from the existing platform.
Registration: PetBlaster’s K2 system had been reformatted adding categories to the news section for animal types, which directly correlates to the profile types the member chooses in registration. The system began having errors once this took place.
(Please also review the Registration Details Spreadsheet & Flowchart)
News: Our American programmer attempted to fix this error and ended up completely deleting the K2 system we had and reinstalled it. As a result, it rendered the news section leaving administrators unable to post new content. The Social Media posts and back links all show a 404 error. 2 months of news data was deleted, in addition to thousands of other back links. We would prefer to recover the content and repair the links.
Password Retrieval: The password retrieval is inoperable and neglects to send emails to the users with a retrieval code. Prior to this error the retrieval code was too lengthy for use on the mobile phone.
Pet Contests: PetBlaster will be running monthly contests for pet prizes and discounts within the PetBlaster store. Members need to be able to enter pictures from their galleries directly into an active contest by adding a button on the page following picture upload that says, “Enter photo(s) in Contest.” Members with cats will only be able to enter cat contests, dog owners will only be able to enter contests geared towards dogs, etc.

Once the social network, news, classifieds, and forum are working, we will provide more information on the contests. The health and safety section are a minimal amount of information that will just need modules added for and there are a total of roughly 10 pages for those 2 sections combined.

Please list the directory, shopping, advertising as a separate number of hours. (This is not as urgent as getting the social network functioning and recovering our news content in order to repair our back-links)