Barcode reader in Open ERP

Barcode reader in Open ERP


Job Description

I want to be able to read the barcode scanner
into open ERP

I have a do-it-yourself shop, where customers can pick their materials.
I want my customers to take a scan of the products they pick.
For making the invoice quickly, I want to be able to read the products bought
one per one into my open ERP POINT OF SALE.
Hence, I need to read one barcode (input as if I was typing the barcode), then do na nmber of
inputs (like numer article bought), then read the next barcode etc ....

I need a European based person to whom I can ship the barcode reader,
who can then verify setting of teh reader and Open ERP and subsequently
teach me how everything works. I can bing you in contact with Open ERP specialists if needed