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Job Description

I am looking for a product that will allow users to check in and tag other users and show their current location on a map so other users can view the check in and tagged location of their friends.

Example.. I am at a restaurant with a friend who is on the site as well, is there anyway that i could check in at the restaurant, tag that person and post a photo or video of us there and have the post not only display on mine and their wall but to display both of our locations on the map on my phpfox site.

We need to make sure if 50 people are tagged and checked in that their locations and the location of the person who tagged them is showing on this map for all users to see as well as on the taggers and tagged persons wall.

I need a Module or Add-on built to accomplish this that will work seamlessly with the default phpfox themes and modules or to override similar functions so that the new features become the defaults.

Lastly I need this by Friday