Brillant Java Developer

Brillant Java Developer


Job Description

We are seeking an architectural based Java developer that has a brilliant mind in grasping both backend and frontend development. We are seeking developers to work on the Java-based server that routes information between our Javascript-based clients using HTTP long-polling (comet). We are transitioning to a new server hosted in Jetty using web-sockets with JDBC and a PostGRESQL database. Successful candidates will have knowledge of multi-threaded Java development, Servlets, Spring MVC, HTTP(S), network protocols, Fiddler, Wireshark, TCP/IP, JDBC, Databases, SQL, load balancing, O/R mapping, TDD, XML, JSON, and binary file formats. Because our product is essentially a distributed database, even our front-end has a back-end, so there is some to bring database theory and other principles of computer science into the front-end as well.

The ideal candidate is not just a 9 to 5er but a flexible problem solver. We work hard but also play hard. By no means are we looking for a neurotic code-monkey, we want an individual who wants to jump in and be fully immersed into our unique company culture.

Java server development 80%
Javascript client development 20%

Job Specifications:

Bachelor’s degree in related degree and/or or equivalent work experience required.
Extensive experience in: Java, SQL, JDBC, O/R Mapping, network protocols, HTTP, network debugging, database concurrency, threads, sockets
Knowledge of: Servlets, Spring MVC, Cometd, Maven, Git, web-sockets, TDD, Unit testing, socket programming
Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Yrs of Experience
(ex. 3+ years )

Skills: servlets, mvc, json, science, debugging