Commissions For Every Customer

Commissions For Every Customer


Job Description

We are a laid back Canadian company that builds websites and have recently sent out hundreds of letters to businesses in town.

Your job, would be to follow with each company and sell them on our services.

For every customer that wants to purchase our services we will give you $25.
Every week we will give you a list of 100 new contacts to call.That's a profit potential of 2,500 per week! If you perform well, and you enjoy the work we can offer much more.

We are looking for an individual that can speak English and has strong sales skills. Previous work in an outbound call-center selling products or services is an asset.

A headset/ mic and Skype. We will provide you with a paid Skype account to call with.

The Job would begin on the Feb. 15th 2013.

Skills: english

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