Create Admin for Android Aplication

Create Admin for Android Aplication


Job Description

I am looking for someone to create a database to feed an android aplication I have created. Most of the data will have images and I would like it done using PHP, however I'm open to other ideas. The hosting server is compatible with PHP and MySQL

Effectively, I'm creating a catalog and I want to enter the data "product" myself so I'd like it to be as simple as possible to enter it.

Contractor requirements

I am looking for a contractor that has the following skills:

1. Must know PHP, JAVA and Google Maps API very well and how to apply it to this project
2. Experience with image databases is preferred

How to apply

Please submit a cover letter that includes a PHP, JAVA and Google Maps API catalog that you have done in the past. In addition, please highlight:

1. Your past experience in database creation and management
2. Any work done with websites dealing with images.

Skills: management

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