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QuickBooks Online Development


Job Description

We have a web service (SaaS) that needs to post invoices into QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE). Our SaaS app needs to trigger an event to post invoices into QuickBooks. This requires the developer to do a 'match' between the local Company in the hosted application and the Company name in QBOE.

There is likely going to be a mapping file between the 2 systems as Company names will not always map perfectly between the 2 systems.

Once the Company has been found, the SaaS app will send XML data to create an Invoice in QBOE - it is only one Item we are posting but it have an extended description, coming from the SaaS app, that needs to be used for the description.

Then it will notify QBOE to deliver that invoice via email to the email set as 'billing' by default.

The SaaS app will then write a log file for, locally or via email, of the Companies it generated invoices for.

We use PHP and would prefer this to be written in PHP, written according to the Intuit Dev Kit.

Skills: billing

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