PHP/MYSQL/Centos/Eggdrop tcl

PHP/MYSQL/Centos/Eggdrop tcl


Job Description

I need a custom script wrote. This will have a few different stages.

Stage 1: Need to allow users to register and confirm by email (All info stored in database)

Stage 2: Need to allow users to choose from a few different itiems. Once these itiems or choosen the script then needs to create them a dir. (E.x /user/home/free/ THERE USER NAME.

2a.After it creates there dir it will need to move a file to that dir and compile it.
2b. Then the user will have to choose some options to go into a conf file.
2c. Then the script needs to start the proccess.

Stage 3: I need a control panel area where the user can then START/STOP/Check status of this.

If you are interested in knowing more please feel free to email me. I do not want to get into all the details publicly. I have a budget of around $200.00/US