ERP System Set-Up/Implementation

ERP System Set-Up/Implementation


Job Description

1. Give us a quick list of 2-3 ERP systems to choose from that you can develop or implement that meet our needs:
*ability to migrate from quickbooks
*security features, such as encryption of database and user-based login w/ restrictions of features per user.
*mysql database
*can create variety of reports, preferably excel
*work on a linux-based server (ubuntu preferred)
*web-based interface
*ability to integrate barcode scanners and printers
*ability to integrate CRM system for future needs
*flexible w/ ability to be developed further

2. Set up the ERP system.
3. Transfer all our Quickbooks data over to the ERP system.
4. Configure the features needed as per our request:
*barcode scanner integration for warehouse to process received goods, product look-up, goods out, stock-taking, etc.
*printer integration w/ network printers in office, including Zebra label printers.
*invoicing - email template.

5. If not included in the ERP system, create simple how-to's for actions such as sending invoices, receiving payments, payment orders, adding SKUs, adding users, restricting permissions, administrating tasks, etc. Can be in powerpoint, excel, word, or a simple text file.