Design and Develop a Website for Me

Design and Develop a Website for Me


Job Description

I have a detailed Brief Sheet about this site that I will share with people once they have got in touch.

Please read through this whole job posting and CUSTOMISE your response to me so that I know you understand. Templated responses will be ignored.

Key Points:

- I would like my site to be created with Drupal as the CMS.

- Payments will be processed through Pin Payments in Australia -

- Transactional Email will be processed through the Mandrill system -

- Additional mailing lists will be process through Mailchimp -

I know this will need some negotiation on price so I am happy to chat further about the costs involved.


The site has two types of visitors – “users” and “businesses”. Users are able to use the site 100% for free – these are the everyday people. The businesss will pay a monthly fee to use the site – the site is a lead generation service for them. All payments will be processed through Pin Payments.

Users can head to the site and easily post a “job”. In this job they list out what they need, where they’re located, when they need it and some information on the job. They will also include the budget they are hoping for for the job. They will also select a category for the job based on some predetermined categories.

This job then goes live on the site. All relevant businesses will automatically receive a notification about the job if it matches the options they have selected. They can then log on to the site and send the user an email to bid for the job. The job also can be browsed by any person using the site. The site user can only be contacted by people who have a business account. When a business contacts the user about a job it will indicate that they have contacted them on the job listing. Every business that contacts the user will be added to the job listing as having contacted them.

All businesses will also have a profile on the site. This will include their photos and bio and information on them and the area they work as well as links to their site etc. Site Users can browse through the business profiles and if they find one they like they can invite them to bid on their job, as well as message them through the site.

The site will also need a blog incorporated into it so fresh content can be posted. Google Analytics code will be inserted on every page and specific event tracking tags added to various elements throughout the site automatically.

There needs to be user accounts - one for the site user and one for the business accounts. Here the users can manage their email address, password, view the listings they have put up and modify their notification settings.

The businesses can user the user admin area to edit their business listing, modify notification settings, check billing details and change password, email etc.

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