Need a king in Python and Database

Need a king in Python and Database


Job Description


I am looking to develop a database that is running on the water-platform that we are developing for several customers. The water-credit platform can be found here:

We are now in the process of building a database system that runs on top of this. We are planning on somehow sending our records over to a centralized DB (help please). All of the remote water-tabs and credit points will use the Arduino and /or Raspberry Pi platforms.

Sorry for my slow response. My need is as follows.

Our setup is the following. We have a local database system as follows. An arduino chip generates "records" and they are needing to be extracted into a linux based raspberry pi system.

1. Python script that extracts data out of Arduino and into a Database Staging Area (data will be provided).
2. From local database end of the day needs to be an extraction to a centralized database (we need your input for best technology)
3. Records locally to be deleted at the time of receiving the data by the remote server (confirmation to be send by the server)
4. Errorlogging including the following
1. No data received from the Arduino (if during a 24 hour period, no data was received this should be included in the error log)
2. Error (no internet connection). If there has been an attempt to send the data, but this failed due to internet problems, this should be included in the error-log.

I don't think my needs are exessive and expect a quick return.

Skills: linux