Website Builder for a start-up investment firm

Website Builder for a start-up investment firm


Job Description

My partnership is starting an investment advisory firm that will allow everyday people more transparent control of their long term investments. The plans and ideas are still evolving, but as of right now we would like to have a website where people could:

Step 1: Take a brief survey that would give us a score for their risk tolerance.

Step 2: Each score will correlate with an investment strategy designed by our company with their risk tolerance in mind. When their score is given they will be redirected to a screen that suggests investing in the correlating strategy. A brief description of the strategy will be given on this screen as well as a description of why this strategy is tailored to their risk tolerance score.

Step 3: On this same screen there will be an easy way to transfer any sum of money into the investment strategy listed. This screen should allow for a one time transfer of funds or an automatic withdrawal from an account on a monthly basis. There should also be an option to invest in one of our other strategies upon their request.

Our strategies will be our competitive advantage, but we need a website that can match other other online investment firms in content, simplicity, graphics, and user friendliness. In order to accomplish this task we need a website that offers customers an easy way to invest their funds, and offers our business an easy way to transfer these funds to a third party brokerage firm to be dispersed appropriately. We also need our social media sites to be easily accessible from our website.