Zencart Pro to work on several tasks

Zencart Pro to work on several tasks


Job Description

Hi there,

This is the list of all the tasks that I would need you to do on my website. The maximum hours per week would be 5 hrs.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Scope of work:

1. Update USPS API in the shipping module (email with instructions is available)
2. Add tax zones (the state of Florida has a standard tax rate and every county has a discretionary tax rate which need to be set up. A list with each particular county tax will be provided). I need to be able to change it in the future, since it is updated every year.
3. Move the central picture down so the pages names New Items, About Us, Products, Contact Us, Specials & Links can go above it (see attached picture).
4. Make sure the Specials page can be updated with information at any time from admin.
5. Add a link in the main page which filters & includes all the categories as follows, in between the Categories & New Products blocks
 Under $1.00
 Under $2.00
 Under $5.00
 Under $10.00
 Under $30.00
6. Make sure that the coupon once it is clicked, it adds the corresponding discount in the check out form.
7. Add the Pinterest button to my website.
8. Make sure the sitemap is updated an correct
9. Also, we need to correct the website errors & crawlers issues with the Adsense ads.
10. Upload Fashion Crafts items with the 4 pricing tier & label designer.
11. Upload Kate Aspen items with all the pricing tiers & label designer.
12. Upload Event Blossom items with all the pricing tiers available & personalization tools available.
13. Upload Cassiani Collection items with all pricing tiers and personalization tools available.
14. Upload Artisano Design items with all pricing tiers and personalization tools available.
15. You can change the order of categories to be uploaded, but all have to be uploaded.
16. I will have a picture displayed from each one of the categories available right under the central picture and I need these pictures to change continuously (every 30 to 45 seconds) to the next available item in the same category (going through all the subcategories).
17. Make my website smart phone & table friendly.

Skills: pinterest, design