Migration script : from Ning to phpfox

Migration script : from Ning to phpfox


Job Description

I'm looking for an independent developer or a company able to write a migration script (preferably in PHP, but possible in shell) so I can make myself the migration of two sites (currently hosted at Ning) to a phpfox empty website (no members, no content).

Ning allows you to export the contents of site as an "export dump" (statics files, no APIs) as follow :

The structured datas are exported as json files (one file per "feature") and medias are exported as original files. So after a full export you have (for "events" as an example) :

- a "ning-events.json" file (which contains events datas and full url of associated medias)
- a "ning-events-local.json" file (which contains events datas and local path of associated medias)
- and a folder named "events" which contains original media files.

And so on for discussions, blogs, members, groups, music, pages, notes, photos and videos…

The script shall migrate the data from these two sites (previously exported as static files by me). It will be executed on the target server (the one with phpfox). It must create the users (possibly merge accounts for accounts actually present at both sites), import content, comments and media in accordance with the dates of creation, the authors ...

I remain at your disposal for any further information.
Pierre Lannoy