Social Media Account Creation & Maintenance

Social Media Account Creation & Maintenance


Job Description

I'm looking for an experienced professional with strong skills using virgin proxies and user agents to create multiple social media accounts.

The job will include creating an email and a Yelp account and a Facebook profile for 20 people. The Yelp profile should be fully completed (all the description fields, photos, etc.) and you must befriend at least 10 "elite yelpers". You must write 20 interesting reviews of different nearby places (depending on the city of each profile) and make sure that all of them get approved. These reviews should be created during a 1 month period (not all at once!)

You must use US VPN/Proxies to do this work. The IPs MUST be from NEW YORK CITY (no other city, no other country!) Don't apply if you cannot do that. You cannot use the same IP for the different profiles you'll be creating/using as you'll end up getting blocked.

We have specific detailed guidelines that have to be followed, including recoding each action on a Google Docs Spreasheet (time/date, IP, user agent, account, action, etc.)
No payment will be released unless the guidelines are followed.
Only experienced professionals will be selected to bid on the detailed requirement that cannot be posted here due to its confidential nature and extent.
Trial asigment will include about 20 full profiles (for all the sites, including content) , content published on all the sites, and it may be assigned to several contractors to test their skills. The full scope includes creating & updating about 100 profiles. We are looking for a long term business relationship.
Please bid on the creation of 20 full profiles, with 20 reviews each. A milestone will be release after half the work is done (10 reviews approved for each of the 20 fully completed profiles)

Skills: facebook, gmail, test