Online Registration and Data Merging System

Online Registration and Data Merging System


Job Description

1. Make an online registration form of less than 60 fields;
2. Allow uploading and inserting of JPG or PDF files into about 5 fields;
3. Provide pop-up message to explain to users on what to input (for about 10 fields);
4. On completion of registration, press a button to copy the inputted data into 3 other tables;
5. 3 printouts based on the tables;
6. Search function for the registration (about 5 filtering options);
7. To be implementated on GoDaddy the hosting services, i.e., PHP +MySQL;
8. Allow me to change field name and display names anytime I need.
9. I will do the writings for the other pages of the site.

Please estimate time and cost needed.

Skills: pdf