Stock Image Website

Stock Image Website


Job Description

Project High Level Description
I like to build a website around wallpapers. I have millions of wallpapers that I like to sell on this website. So its like a stock photography website but for my wallpapers. Details of project will be provided upon request and iteratively.

Contractor Requirements

Are you familiar with agile/scrum? I am the Product Owner and I would like to work with a scrum team that can carry out the work that I need.
Do you have a team that consists of developers and designers?
Are you willing to engage on a daily basis?


This is not a one time project. I would like to work with someone that can show a longer term commitment.

I need a team that know good coding practices, design patterns, agile development practices.

I need a team that can justify architectural decisions that are in lines with my long term goals. I would like code walkthroughs and education on the code that is being written.

Feel like you are the right team? Please provide any relevant information and I will review your application carefully. Interviews will be conducted for chosen candidates.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your interest.