Write a WSDL and XSD for NicTool

Write a WSDL and XSD for NicTool


Job Description

I maintain a free open source DNS management tool named NicTool. It has a server component that exposes a SOAP API which is documented at http://www.nictool.com/docs/api/. The only publicly available client (included in the NicToolServer download) is written in perl and uses SOAP::Lite. Quite often, NicTool users request a WSDL for use with PHP or Java.

A successful "mission accomplished" result from you is a WSDL file that describes the NicTool SOAP web service, with placeholders for the server name/URL and port. I will provide any assistance you need, such as providing a NicTool installation if you cannot install/test in your own environment.

I will validate your WSDL by rewriting the server/api/contrib/DNS.pm class using XML::Compile and your WSDL, and by verifying that all the methods defined in the API are present in the WSDL.

Skills: wsdl