web searching form with database

web searching form with database


Job Description


I need to create a web searching form with that find result in a big database (more than 10000 records) that isn't possible to copy (one possible solution is zend-framework and/or cloud database with univocal access).
the structure is:

first choice > a, b, c, d
second choice > a1, a2, a3 (if you chose "a") b1, b2, b3 (if you chose "b") etc.
third choice > a1-1, a1-2, b1-1, b1-2 etc.
maybe fourth and fifth choice

I have those needs:
1) integrate this work with joomla and other web applications
2) impossibility to copy the work with "view source code", web scraping or other methods
3) Possibility to update the database independently and easly
4)that this work could be usable only in autorized web sites (using zend or other solutions)
5) when I update the database, I want to create an easy way to update the other web sites in which it is installed, without the risk of steal, in other words I want that the update could be possible only by the authorized user (or domain).

my idea is that when I add this work on my website (joomla) and if I would like to install this work in a friend's website, also not joomla, it must be impossible to copy or use it for someone that hasn't my authorization, especially if I publish an update.

what solutions do you suggest?

If I give you all the files and the links you need to do the database how much it would cost the complete work?
How long would you take to complete it? If instead I do by my self the database how much and how long it takes?

best regards,

please let me know if you need more informations