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Community Manager


Job Description

I own a portfolio of online community websites, forum based, and would like to hire an assistant to help me manage them. My communities target people who enjoy reading about and discussing subjects such as stamp collecting, military history, politics, coin collecting, and other related topics. Some of my communities are very active, and some are fledgling where people use the site, but fail to reach full potential because there isn't a community manager overseeing the community. I need someone who will be involved with the communities to take a lead role and pick up where my time runs short.

Your job would be to make members feel welcomed, and keep the communities well moderated. You will also start new discussions and respond to comments and posts made by people in the community, and ensure that those are made by genuine members not spammers (spam removal is part of the job too). Also, generally promote the website and recruit new members, and build a moderator team. Identify the best quality content and submit it to social media like Facebook and Twitter. There may be other parts to this job, it will be what you make of it.

If you'd like to apply to this position, the first thing I'm interested in hearing is your interest in military history, stamp collecting, politics, or any of the other subjects I mentioned. Tell me what area of military history you specialize in, or about your stamp collection, etc. I don't expect you to be an expert in all, or any of these topics, but you won't do very well in this job without some level of appreciation of the topics. Secondly, I'd like to know your experience with forums, with writing, working with social media and with building communities. If you don't touch on those subjects in your cover letter, I will assume you have not read this description or you're a spammer.

Skills: facebook, communication-skills, twitter, writing, academic-writing

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