iPhone App - Location - API integration

iPhone App - Location - API integration


Job Description

Hey Guys,

I need an app!

I'm a developer and coding up some basic web services to which this app needs to run off.

The app requires the following features (so please be proficient in these)

- Location based services - i need this app to send through the long/lat coordinates of the phone and any nearby wireless or bluetooth networks and strengths... GPS

- Background services - the above needs to be sent through constantly, even if the app is not running...

- Integration (posting XML over https) and parsing the response... no xsd's or anything like that...

- UI - there are about 10ish or so screens that need to be coded up, UI mainly... the webservices do all the work...

- Familiar with that facebook side swipe menu control...

More details and specs when you apply...

Please send through ONE example of your best iPhone application that you've created in the last 6 months!



Skills: wireless, gps, facebook