Make $75 an hour, save my marriage

Make $75 an hour, save my marriage


Job Description

My wife brought home a AT&T HTC Vivid and told me I'd be her hero if I got it on the TMobile network.

I S-OFFed, rooted, network unlocked and SU off all the schwagwear..... Alas, I also removed the native Sense camera APK (and ODEX I believe) and it works great but no camera; marital disharmony ensues.

Help me:

- Source the original files to make the camera work
- Find me a WiFi tether app that works
- Work with me when you have files collected via DropBox, I'll do as I'm told to conf handset locally
- Bliss will be returned to my house.

For and extra $50, get me a simple S-OFF solution and help me root my phone, an HTC Sensation so I too can root, and load SU and a WiFi hotspot

Skills: android-development, android-sdk, mobile-application-development