ZEND2 MVC + ExtJS / Application- & Webdevelopment / Modular Designs / API

ZEND2 MVC + ExtJS / Application- & Webdevelopment / Modular Designs / API


Job Description


Thank you for reviewing our Job. We are a company that provide fundamental software for the Online Advertising Industry and are looking for contractors to expand our team of skilled programmers.

We are looking for both Frontend (Ext-JS) and Backend (Zend2) programmers.

Experiance with jQuery, jQueryUI and Dojo are nice to have but our main focus will be on the Zend2 and the Ext-JS frameworks.

Zend2 contractors are required to have Intermediate or higher experiance with PHP 5+, OOP, MVC and MySQL 5+

Experiance with SOAP and REST is a Preferance.

We can offer work on continued bases with the oppertunity to get a contract with our company if we are statisfied with the cooperation, if desired.

How do we work?

You will work on "Modules" or "Bricks" of Front-/Backend technology. All functionality and features are carefully described and you can work of this technical or graphical description. There is also room for your own input.
Thus every member on the team works on "their thing" and we plug all of these into our main codebase. You may also have to work with Modules that other contractors have written, but we ensure everything talks and works as expected.

All contractors are supervised and couched by a Project Manager to ensure a problemless experiance for both parties, and can assist with questions and if you run into a technical issue that you cannot resolve.

For more specific information we kindly ask you contact us so we can further assist in setting you up with a project for our Company.