video ediitng

video ediitng


Job Description

Hello, this is Mathias with Candy Freaks in Amsterdam

Candy Freaks is currently putting together a series of prank videos and educational videos (for two separate projects). Footage is shot from security HD camera surveillance system and/or camcorder.

I am looking for someone experienced in cropping intelligently/diligently 'video footage' and piecing it back up together cohesively. Although I want to work with someone who knows how to take initiative when it comes to video editing, such individual needs to be good at following instructions as well.

Assignments will include retrieving video footage from a Sinology hard drive on which the surveillance system stores its recordings.

In other words, video material will come from 2 different video formats and will need to be cropped and edited for vibrant/quality material, which purpose is to be popularized on youtube.

This is for an ongoing project over the next 18-24 months.

If you are qualified and interested to work with us at a competitive rate, please reply to

Skills: video