Seeking Node.js / Javascript / full-stack web developers / rockstars

Seeking Node.js / Javascript / full-stack web developers / rockstars


Job Description

I'm an experienced web and mobile developer, with skills that range from design, to front and back-end systems, to marketing, etc.

Essentially, I am a one-person web, mobile, and software development firm based in Boston, MA. Currently, I am at a little under $1 mil in annual revenue, and I'm maxing out on my personal bandwidth to manage the business, make sales, and design/develop my projects.

In short, I am seeking the most talented freelance developers in the hopes of making both our lives better, easier, and more profitable.

I am looking to source projects to you, with high confidence that they'll get built correctly/elegantly, on time and on budget -- without me having to spend my time redoing sub-par work.

So, please DO NOT read further if you are an agency, a middle-person who does not code, a novice or inexperienced programmer who tries to get by with hacks, outdated technologies, etc.

Ideally, I am looking for both mobile (i.e. native software) and web software engineers, who are capable of self-executing on the design and development of projects I source to them. By this I mean that I will handle marketing, sales, and client management, while sourcing new projects to you through a contractor relationship (with room for growth).

For the purposes of this posting, I'm seeking folks for web-related projects. If you are also comfortable with lower-level technologies or mobile OS (i.e. C/C++/Java/ iOS/Android/ etc.) all the better.

My own programming skillset spans about 20 years, and includes at some experience with most major web, server, and mobile technologies. My main focus these days is on Javascript for web and APIs, both client-side MVCs (Backbone, Ember, etc.) and server-side (Node, Express, In mobile, I focus on iOS, but have experience with Android as well. I'm genuinely passionate about code. If I were retired, I would be coding all day, every day. I hope you're the same.

I am also a decent designer, and I am ideally looking for a developer who is at least equally skilled in front-ends. I am decently good with Photoshop and Illustrator, and given some creative templates or starting ideas from more skilled designers, I can create good looking sites, apps, and interfaces.

For web projects, I almost always start with a solid Bootstrap template and go from there. It's important that you have a strong design eye, and that you are capable of designing a site/interface after receiving some client input, and starting with a template.

In short, I am looking for someone equally skilled with a wide range of web technology experience that can reliably execute on projects I source to you.
Typical projects range from basic website designs with some dynamic functionality, to RESTful web apps/APIs, to entire SaaS products you build from the ground up.

Our relationship will be contract based. As new leads come in, I will handle the sales/marketing aspect, and provide a scope of work to you for our mutual approval. You will let me know a budget you think is fair, as well as a timeline. I will then handle the client relationship, while you deliver on the project. I will collect payment from the client and distribute your portion to you. You will not be a code monkey, while I make multiples of what I pay you.

Keep in mind, I will have no patience for low-quality work, or over-extended development. My worst case scenario is having a sub-contractor flake on a project, which means I have to step in and build it correctly.

Best case scenario is that we develop a symbiotic, long-term relationship where I can consistently source projects to you, and you can build them without the client management/sales headache. You'll be working with someone who respects and understands what you do, so no unrealistic or unfair demands.

Skills: mvc, linux