Crowdfunding Specialist

Crowdfunding Specialist


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I've got a kickstarter project that will be launch at beginning of May. It is a children's book. We tried to raise money on indiegogo last year for the children's app. We did not succeed. We are willing to try again. This time I have lowered our expectations to do a book instead of an app. The illustrator is finishing up the illustration. Currently the plan is to create the ebook and make that available by the end of April. Then we'd like to sell the hard copy book on Kickstarter.

Ryan North's To be or Not to Be book project raised over 500K. We are not that ambitious. 5K would be a nice number. If we can exceed that then we'd like to be able to create the app as well. But 5k will be the minimum amount. Book publishing is not cheap. Currently we have many of the social sites in place. We need to update the website. We've got over 1270 likes on facebook. We want to be ready to connect with these people when we launch so we can maximize our donation potential. You can help lead this campaign. Please let me know about who you are, what talents you can bring, and why you would make this campaign successful.

You can see the project at,
our website at
tumblr ettiethebear

Skills: twitter, pinterest

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