Appointment setter needed

Appointment setter needed


Job Description

We are a small Florida based company needs an experienced appointment setter to call small businesses, introduce the marketing product or service we are offering, highlight the benefits, mention the costs, and set up a phone or in-person appointment with the real owner/decision maker.

We prefer a US-based appointment setter for the following reasons:

1) we do not provide long distance calling packages for someone from outside the USA.

2) at any time, we need to pick up the phone and call back the appointment setter to ask a question, verify information, etc.. We cannot do that with someone from say India or the Philipines (no disrespect meant. Just logistically it does not work)

3) the appointment setter can leave a voice mail for the prospect who can call back a local number. Many of the numbers on the list you will get will have voice mails that you need to leave messages for. Prospects are definitely not going to return the call from someone from outside the USA.

We shall consider a non-US based appointment setter if he/she has his/her own long distance package, a local US-based number where prospects can call back and, above all, has verifiable appointment setting experience.

We have TWO separate projects to call on different clients. If you can multi task, you can have an 8-day full time appointment setting job!

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