Earn $10 everyday for making 8 really simple Web 2.0 sites! - 4 hours work maximum each day

Earn $10 everyday for making 8 really simple Web 2.0 sites! - 4 hours work maximum each day


Job Description

Hi there,

Thanks for taking a look at our latest job posting.

With this job, you can earn $10 from just writing 8 Articles and making them into web 2.0’s. The job will go as follows:

Every 24 hours you will receive a table showing 8 Web 2.0’s and the amount of links needed to put in each. You will also be told in the table what the links should be. You will be given a keyword with this table and this will be your topic to write your 8 Articles on each day. All your Web 2.0 sites must be handed in before the next days work is given to you.

The idea of these web 2.0’s is that you are acting as a blog writer. This means you do not need to be informative, you don’t have to even interest/impress your reader at all. All you need is an article that is written loosely around a certain topic we will give you each day. It can be about your own personal experience or whatever you can write about the quickest, as long as it all makes sense to read.
(basically whatever comes to your mind whilst thinking about the topic)

Let me repeat you DO NOT need to write about anything clever you have found on the internet, it is basically time for some ‘free hand writing’.
Before you consider yourself for this job, you need to be able to do 2 things and if you can do all these things then you are almost qualified for this job already.

1. Be able to write 500 words in 20 minutes maximum. This may seem quick but if you are fairly quick at typing then this becomes easy. As long as when you typing fairly quickly, your writing ‘makes complete sense’.
2. Be able to understand already the process of signing up to a blog account, posting an article, and inserting links in to it.

If you can do these 2 things and are interested in earning $210 in the next 3 weeks then please apply to the job WITH just a sample consisting of 200 words on the topic ‘getting rid of moles’. For this sample I would like you to write about your own thoughts on this topic. You can even make up your own personal experience or it can be real experiences you have had in the past, your choice! (these are the kind of moles you get on your skin).

Please send me a realistic sample that you would be able to write without help. There is no point spending to much time on it as you will have to write this amount in less then 10 minutes whilst working in this job.

Thanks and good luck!


Grsyndicate Team

Skills: typing

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