Online Texting Website

Online Texting Website


Job Description

I need a developer to program a website in PHP, HTML, Javascript, etc that allows users to text other users. This website's texting system is based on an ID numbers, given to users when they signup. So for clarity, if user A gets user B's ID number, user A can text them through this website by sending a 'text' to the user B's ID number.

Main Features:
- There should be a signup process, which should be fairly quick, just ask for Full Name and email. Include Optional entries such as address, DOB, phone number.
- Users can text in real time if both users are online, if one is offline, the text is sent and saved and can be viewed when that user logs in, similar to Google Chat or MSN.
- Users are identified by a ID number that is randomly generated when they signup. So if one user decides to chat to another, they need to know their ID number.
- Users can search other users by their ID number.
- Users can 'add' other users by sending a request, if the other user accepts, then both users will be 'contacts'.
- Users should have an 'address book' with all their 'contacts' that they have added.
- There should be an option for the user to update their personal information.

IMPORTANT: The interface should be very smooth and slick, similar to Ajax interfaces.

Please contact me back ASAP if you are a capable developer for this project.