Sales Experience is Necessary. Mandatory Trainings

Sales Experience is Necessary. Mandatory Trainings


Job Description

High quality telemarketer needed to cold call small business owners and offer various business services to decrease expenses.

What we provide
• Fully training provided
• Full technical support
• Salary plus commission
• We provide you with the best dialer on the market to make all the calls for you
• Coach assigned for day-day training and questions
• Payment are issued weekly

Salary Option only applies to individuals that are on our virtual call dialer where we can monitor amount of time spend on the phone. YOU MUST HAVE A HEADSET AND A COMPUTER AS MENTIONED BELOW, WE WILL PERFORM FULL TECHICNAL SUPPORT REMOTELY IS.
This job starts out at 2-4. There will be a review every 30 days for promotions

Job Requirements:

A PC and a Headset
Clear and concise telephone voice
great upbeat phone personality
Must be willing to work 30 hrs a week
Speak EXCELLENT English (Very Little ACCENTS)
Telemarketing experience a must

To Apply = Follow Instructions Below.

Send us a Sample recording of the following script in any type of voice file, Leave your contact information in your recording on how to reach you after you have submitted a voice file.


Hello Bob my names is Ron, I’m calling with ABC corp and we are in business of reducing your business cost, how are you today?

The reason for my call today is to inform of various regulations that the US government passed to save you money on your payroll, rent, electric and any other business expense. I’M SURE THE MONEY IS BETTER IN YOUR POCKET THAN THEIR’S?

(Put emphasis on the wording in caps)

We guarantee a minimum savings of 30 – 40% off all your business expenses, I’m sure you can use that savings for payroll and overhead as opposed to giving it away….wouldn’t you agree?

All I need to process this analysis is a copy of all your business bills in the past 3 months, would you prefer to fax or email that to me?

If you could go ahead and grab a pen and paper, take my fax number down ill wait until your all ready!

Great, I’m walking to fax in 10 minutes please send when we get off the phone?

(IF No)

In that case, my underwriter will be here until 5pm EST…can you get to me by that time?
Skills Required
• training
• english
• telemarketing
• analysis
• fax
• cold-calling
• telephone-skills
• lead-generation

Skills: training