Expert Ruby on Rails developer required

Expert Ruby on Rails developer required


Job Description

We need a real expert in RoR to perform a long-term work (to be done in small modules), for a web application. We have had some really bad experiences in the past with the developers, hence we will execute the project with very stiff targets in terms of quality of work and timeline.

Following are key skill requirements:
- Amazon EC2 and Amazon SEM
- Experience with picture upload/ storage
- RIch Calendar Feature (Full Calendar integration)
- MongoDB (Mongoid)
- Experience with web apps with social features.
- Integration with rich HTML

The project is long-term, i.e. several small phases/ modules to be completed in series (only on successful completion of a given previous phase). We have completed 80% of the phase alpha, with following tasks still pending for immediate attention:
- Speed of application is very slow, so look at the EC2 set-up etc.
- Email set-up using SEM
- Bug fixing. Application has some minor bugs that need fixing.
- Some calendar features pending.
- A few other simple features to be built.

Once above are done, we will launch phase alpha and start development work for subsequent phases.

Please apply if you have above skills.

Thanks in advance.