Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for researchers with technical skills who can join our team and provide, compile and manage ongoing research in the financial industry. A portion of this work will be to update the Director on pertinent financial information as well as maintain and update online services.

Specifically, the tasks will include:

1. Click adds to monitor all sources of information sent out by us to our clients on the financial industry.
2. Create opportunity to earn additional income while montoring each source of info sent to our clients.

Contractor requirements

An understanding of financial products is desirable, but not essential. More important is a keen mind and the ability to read, disseminate, summarize and organize information found about the industry. Ideally, you will be your own boss and set your own income earning ability.

How to apply

go to the link:

Complete the application

Send me a confirmation email and I will reply to provide additional instructions!

Skills: research