Updating the Product-Information pages and List from Amazon (AWS)

Updating the Product-Information pages and List from Amazon (AWS)


Job Description

A script should be made, that updates the website-shop-presentation from the Amazon site.
It has to copy and produce the list of products and details, as shown on the link.
And it has to make the details-page (with buy-now-button that opens the Amazon product page).
So it is not a real own shop, but a procut-presentation.

All our products from amazon should be copied for the presentation to our website (from storefront on amazon).
There it should display a procuts-list with product-name, thumbnail, shipping-time (Like: Order in the next 2 hours and get it by Thursday, May 23.) price and the prime-symbol. Clicking on title/thumb then displays a detail-page like on a shop (but with 'buy on amazon' button instead of a shoppingcart-button).

It should work as follwing:
- Using php 5.4 without dependencies on additional php-packages
- No AWS, just as scraper.
- As easy to modify as possible, if amazon site changes (using preg_match functions seems the best way for that)
- Failure-safe (ig product-details can not be loaded from amazon, then keep old version until next time. Placeholder, if no picture is found. Delete articles that are not any more on amazon)
- No database. Storage in array that is serialized to/from a file
- Support articles with selectable attributes (like colors). Amazon shows a selectbox. The script should do the same and after selecting, go to that variant-page
- Design of list and details-Page should be with font-styling like Amazon.
- the existing code can be provided if you do the job. But this is mainly for the fail-safe ideas and parts of design. It is no base for repair as it depends on zend what should not be.