French speaking - Phone/email customer follow up (Adult content)

French speaking - Phone/email customer follow up (Adult content)


Job Description

You MUST speak french clearly.

PLEASE provide an audio recording of you talking in french when applying for this job.

We are looking for someone to join our team in order to do phone follow up on clients registering on our website.

You must meet all the following criteria:

- You speak french, clearly;
- You are organized (some follow up will require you to call again after 10-14 days you must keep track of all your call)
- You can work between 9AM and 9PM in timezone GMT+2;
- You have a handset (call will be done using provided gtalk);
- You are at ease using in-house intranet;
- You are at ease providing daily and weekly report of all your calls;
- You can send emails

Your job will be:

- Getting the list of new contact to be done from our web interface;
- Call the client to see if they are interested in completing the registration process;
- Provide as much information as possible;
- If client need to be contacted by technical support or other department, check with him when will be the best time to call back;
- Report the call to your superior with all details so they can call the client back;
- Keep track of all your call and schedule yourself a following call 14 days after the initial call;
- If phone call is not possible, you will send an email;
- Post a daily report of the call made with details of each calls;

You will receive a 1h bonus each time you are able to complete registration process and client start working with us.

We will provide email template and call pattern with many of the frequently asked question.

You will be required to register on our system and get used to how it work in order to be able to understand the questions and need of our clients.

This job need to be done on a daily basis;


You will not see adult content, but some of our product are adult oriented with adult content. If you can't work for a company selling adult content, do not apply.

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