html5 flipbook for yii site

html5 flipbook for yii site


Job Description

The budget is set at $30 because we are not sure how much this will cost. We can negotiate the budget while we are interviewing for the job. Once the price is set, we cannot change it, nor will we add more to the workload. We have not had much luck with developers in the past so we are looking for someone that will work on a site step by step and will not go outside the boundaries of the project and will not work ahead. Staying within the budget is key. Also, we ask that everything be notated and the project is full of comments so that future developers will be able to jump right in without having to go back and re-code everything.

We are a newly formed comic book publishing company and will be displaying our comics online. As a result, we need a dynamic comic viewer that allows us to have 1 set viewer that pull comics into it instead of having 1 viewer per comic. That will take up way too much room on the server.

We also need it to have certain features
needs to be fast
full page option
ability to leave comments on that particular comic book
Zoom option
No print option
Ability to displays ads (will pull from a database of ads on specified pages)
Back & forward button
Needs to be able to display either pdf, or jpeg
Social Networking share button
Skin for the player that has a metallic look to it.

Our site is built using the yii platform. As of now we will be displaying a comic book viewer that we purchased from CodeCannon. We needed one that uses html5 and not Flash so that it displays on the ipad and ipod correctly. If there is another alternative to the CodeCannon Viewer that is inexpensive we would be happy to entertain the notion and will keep it under advisement.