CakePHP Enchanments Level III

CakePHP Enchanments Level III


Job Description

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Project Description:
We are working on version 3 of our website.. This is a major upgrade that will integration all our separate systems into one. We will replace our sugarCRM, and 2nd CRM system and built into our web application.We are in the event industry. Serving mostly wedding clients.

Major Upgrades Include:
* CRM Style Implementation
* Exchange Integration so emails are automatically archived under contacts.
* Quick Books Web Connect For syncing information
* Online Payment Processing Integration ( emulation)
* Integrate with Docusign API to send documents for signatures

More complete list of upgrades: (not complete yet)
~ Complete QB integration with web connect API to update customer balance info and report payments made.

~ Create custom CRM Style app. Leads (attached to contacts), Contacts, Events, and prospects.
~ Create custom admin/panel access with definable additional fields.
~ Create Consultants Login, Finalize contract login, and user login.
~~ Allow contractors access to calandar with their events and blackouts.
~~ easy show them where the events are (time based on directions from them to venue city) and start time.
~ Share event info with contracts assigned,
~ SMS gateway integration
~ Create Consultant login with dashboard focused on sales.
Pending Contracts
Hot Leads
New Leads
~~ Create pop overs when new web leads arrive
~~ Integrate with live chat somehow
~ Integrate with asterisk API to automatically log calls
~ Route customers to the right place when they call ID based on Caller ID lookup.
~ Route sales calls to high priority and alter caller ID.
~ Integrate with Docusign to automatically add contract info and send it and retrieve documents.
~ Create Client Folder after 'confirmed' status.
~ Admin GUI way to search for specifics and than send email blasts (HTML or even mailchimp)
````` Allow upgrades and specials to be auto sent based on current services and time left until wedding.
~ Import Area for new lead lists
~ Lead duplicate management. De-dup by:
Phone Number
First Name + Last Name + Wedding Date
Prompt For:
Last Name + Wedding Date
When dedups dedicated mark contact accordingly.
~ Create virtual online music library and add to their event. Needs to auto update from music library folder every week. Create separate or indicate if we have the video or Audio Only file. Allow users to add new songs (allow them to upload the files- but only into 'their' folder)
~ Automatically create FTP Folder with songs for DJs and email 48 hours prior to event. Prompt clients to upload songs that we do not have in library. (send up to 4 songs in one email)
~ Integrate payment gateway. emulation.
~ Allow reservation fees to be paid by check/credit card. Payments and final balances by E-check only.
~ Integrate IMAP/Exchange emails - so they are automatically tagged to the account/contact.
~ LOG ALL activity on accounts - who changed what, where, and what is was before they changed it.
~ Keep list of past addresses for clients.

Skills: import, video, imap