Looking for a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Looking for a Filipino Virtual Assistant


Job Description

We are looking for a Virtual Assistant who has experience with real estate related tasks. Some tasks may consist of posting listings online, answering and placing phone calls.

The VA will need to be proficient in English, Posting listings, Meeting deadlines, Following up with prospects, Contacting me through email on a daily basis (Monday to Friday).

Your task will also be to learn from the different program modules supplied by us.

Our goal is to find someone who is available to work fulltime (40 Hr work week) and is dedicated to us. This is a long term contract. You will be expected to work, learn, perform and train any new VA's once we expand.

Once hired, you will go through all necessary training. The contract will be paid out monthly. Since we are not well acquainted, we will also offer and option to be paid weekly for the first 2 weeks until we can build a relationship on trust, honesty and great work.