Write "Terms and conditions" for online service. Online law

Write "Terms and conditions" for online service. Online law


Job Description

I need to have written terms and conditions for online service. Actually this is paid service that collects data from several other online services and combine that data on several charts. Also service gives ability to track different finance indicators to make financial decisions using it.
Although we are doing our best to make service work as a clock and be useful, we know that there are a lot of people who will not waste a chance to earn some money via court. That’s why we need to have such terms and conditions that will protect us.

1. this is all about online service
2. terms and conditions should base on european and US law
3. you should have a lot of experience in this field - this is a must
4. usually such document is being created using previously done documents. But please, it shouldn’t be so complicated

Please do not write letters like ‘My skills are overwhelming, please ask me details about my CV’. I’ll delete such spam. All I need to know:
1. Do You have real experience in online law and writing such documents?
2. how big is your experience in online law?
3. why your terms and conditions would be so good?
4. what is your time/money estimate?

More details about our service we will discuss in personal communications.

Skills: finance