wordpress custom fields

wordpress custom fields


Job Description

i need small plugin making for Custom Field Suite https://uproot.us/ to add the ability to create new posts within wordpress custom fields like this http://wp-types.com/learn/use-a-fields-table-to-create-a-relational-real-estate-listing/
. i wanted to create a post type where i can create music albums and with in the post be able to create tracks in customfields but link it to a new post type (i.e each track in the album would be a new post in a new post type.) this would allow me easily manage the albums and tracks.

the plugin Custom Field Suite has the post relationship feature built in and also able to create new posts with in the plugin and also the ability to create repeatable boxes. (check the documentation)

the custom field should have two text boxes one for the name of the audio track and the other the url of the audio.

doc for Custom Field Suite : https://uproot.us/projects/cfs/documentation/