Skilled, thorough java developers to work on high volume system

Skilled, thorough java developers to work on high volume system


Job Description

This is more of an application role than a web role.

Technical skills required:
- Experienced Java developer, including experience with Java on the server-side of enterprise/SaaS systems.
- Comfortable working with Hibernate object/relational mapping.
- An understanding of SQL, and enough understanding of the operational and performance characteristics of databases (we use PostgreSQL) to work on a database-heavy system without a dedicated DBA.
- Able to work on a Swing-based Java client-side application.
- Able to work with a Perl, mod_perl and Apache based web-site and assist in a transition to JSP and Tomcat.

- Design, develop and test new components of our ticketing software (server-side, public-facing website and box office/administrative side).
- To understand the wider aims and requirements and to play a part in transforming them into working, suitable software.
- To be able to take direction and then take responsibility for areas of functionality and to work indepedently on them.
- To work within and help develop an agile development environment.

Immediate, specific tasks:
- Add ability to print membership cards to specific paper and plastic NFC printers
- Ad various elements of the software to the java API
- Add a a way to sell tickets via ballot - online sales, offline sales, reporting, notifications, payments, printing - the whole process.
- Handle recurring payments for monthly-paid season tickets or memberships.
- Take responsibility for maintaining and extending the NFC card functionality - integration with access control and with suppliers/printers, support for new cards, replacement card request procedures, fraud detection, etc.

Skills: apache, design, test, agile

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