Advanced programmer/scripter with web scraping knowledge

Advanced programmer/scripter with web scraping knowledge


Job Description

PLEASE READ THIS: For those who are pasting their default pre-typed profile, don't bother, I'll decline right away.
I don't want to be rude but Odesk is full of copy-pasters who do not read.


Advanced programmer/scripter with web scraping knowledge

I am looking for a very good programmer/scripter who is able to build in a common scripting language which is something like php, perl or ruby.

The programmer must be very good in regular expressions
Fluent in english
Good with databases (know how to design and maintain correct indexes etc)
Able to build a web interface to run queries on the database and make modifications to it.
Know the modules that are available to ease the task of web scraping. Leech data from other websites and interpret it correctly and insert it to the database.

The job is to get information from the net (Web scraping) based on some information contained in CSV files (source files). Then create a new CSV file with the enriched data (including image links) and insert that into the database. The trick must be redone after these source files are updated.
These files are once in a while updated by the supplier.

From this database I must create exports which can be imported in to my Magento webshop.

The programmer must be able to prove his experience and some source code.
The programmer must have at least 5 years experience in programming
I'd like to see advanced scripting exams done on Odesk with a very good result

I'd like to have personal motivation why you think you're able to do this.
** Please do not post your prepared profile story, if so: I'll decline! **

I'm a programmer too, I'm not able to create time (would be a nice function though) but I'm knowledgeable and I can see if you're a good programmer or not. So please, don't waste my time or yours by applying to this project if you're not confident you can do it.

Skills: make, wan

Skills: english, design