Construct maintainable ER Diagram and Data Dictionary

Construct maintainable ER Diagram and Data Dictionary


Job Description


We are an agile shop that has not found a suitable solution for building a readable ER diagram or a maintainable data dictionary. So we are looking for someone who has successfully done both to help us with the following:
1. Choose the correct tools/software for the job.
2. Construct the diagram and data dictionary
3. Maintain it (at least while we figure out step 4)
4. Design a plan for keep both artifacts up to date.

A few notes on the er diagram:
- We have many tables with supplemental keys/secondary relationships that can make a generated diagram cluttered and very difficult to read.

- We store all of our options in tables, so there are a lot of tables that are present that do not represent entities in our model that also clutter auto generated diagrams.

- I am most interested in the ER diagram communicating an overview of the structure, so it may be that a manually drawn diagram consisting only of table names and primary relationships is the best and most attractive solution. This is for you to help me decide and I consider it a very strong possibility.

Note on the data dictionary:
- Almost all of our select options are stored in tables. It would be nice to be able to pull these values from the database to make it easier to maintain.
- The field descriptions need to be stored somewhere and easily modifiable. This could be in the document itself or in some database that produces the document. This again is for you to help me decide.

Format is important for both documents. These documents will be consumed by high level technical and business people as well as with potential customers, so they need to be nice looking documents.

I selected hourly because of requirements 3 and 4; however, if you think the job more appropriate as fixed price I would consider it.

Please send samples of your work (ER diagram/Data Dictionary/Both) or address when you will be able to provide a sample when applying. I am sure you are all fine DBAs, but if you do not do either of these things, you will be declined for not following instructions without review.

Skills: agile, design