Implement Virtual Currency Purchase/Reward System

Implement Virtual Currency Purchase/Reward System


Job Description

We have an application in which users should be able to purchase virtual credits via PayPal, and then use those credits to purchase items within the application. They can also earn credits by performing specific actions within the application.

The business logic for determining how credits can be purchased and earned is in place, but that logic needs to be implemented within the application. If you have done any work using a shopping cart in the past, this project should be somewhat familiar, only this involves a virtual currency.

- DOT.Net Expert (C#; C++; MVC.NET)
- Visual Studio (this is a .NET app - you must have access to and be highly experienced using this tool)
- SQL server experience (specifically SQL server 2008 R2)
- LINQ experience and expertise
- Web services integration (XML/JSON) experience
- PayPal and specifically integration with the PayPal payform
- GitHub (Code is housed in a GitHub repository. You must have a GitHub account to be able to pull and commit code)
- Agile development environment (We operate in an agile development environment. You must be comfortable with the fact that certain requirements will change throughout the project)

**Be sure to pay careful attention to the MVC.NET requirement - if you are not perfectly comfortable within this framework please do not bid. On the other hand, for someone with the right skill set and experience this project should be very straightforward.

Short-listed candidates will receive further questions and detailed requirements. We do our best to support the freelancer at every possible step, and when the project is completed we pay immediately.

Thank you for considering our project. Happy bidding and good luck!