Accountancy Support & CPA Job for an agency

Accountancy Support & CPA Job for an agency


Job Description

We are looking for an effective and well-run agency to take on various duties of our accounting department and act as out seemless internal accounting section.

Using Xero you will maintain the books of our subsidiary and client accounts.

Accountancy work, book-keeping, managing and process payments from clients, chasing late payers via phone and email, helping clients re-organise installment plans, paying and preparing invoices, dealing with all electronic communications inbound and outbound as necessary. calculating commissions, managing payroll, bank reconciliations, etc. both receivable and payable functions, phone . You will be the first point of contact for suppliers and contractors.

Other overall tasks include record keeping, gathering information for cases or payment disputes, and becoming the company expert on the inner workings of the company so that budgets can be set and milestones suggested.

If you are committed to the potential of a long-term contract and have staff ranging from accounting assistants to full expert accountants, and want to exceed our expectations by providing wonderful levels of courteous support, whilst keeping strict attention to detail AND you have the ability to manage many tasks at once - we would be glad to hear from you.

You will need to use our phone system to make and receive calls for our company and we would like accounts general enquiries phone to be manned monday to friday 10am-7pm UK TIME.

In order to get the contract you would need to go through a process, but we are looking to appoint the job within the next week. So please can you follow the below instructions which will make the recruiting process MUCH QUICKER so that we can look to shortlist you for an immediate interview.

1. tell us about your agency and staff, those you presently serve, your specialisms etc.
2. your MINIMUM hourly bid
3. what functions can you take on for us and which would be outside the scope of your expertise
4. Confirm if your staff work from a central office or are virtual workers

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