Web Site Development - $5,000+

Web Site Development - $5,000+


Job Description

We're looking for a TEAM to build a website and to stay around to maintain and periodically enhance it. This would be a long term relationship.

We need a TEAM as one person would not be able to handle this Project.

PLEASE provide the following information to be considered:

- Provide only the top 3 web sites you've created that showcase your ability to meet our requirements below. (If they are for large or reputable companies please state so.)
- State how long your TEAM has been around, how many members there are and their general skill sets and experience levels
- State your expectations regarding payment for the Project and for maintaining the Project (for e.g., what favorable rate could you give us on an hourly basis for post-project completion enhancements and maintenance). (We won't consider this final until we've provided you with a chance to review more detailed requirements and sample sites to model against.)

Team Skill Requirements
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- Entire site needs to be scalable as the number of Users ramps up
- Extensive and scalable database handling (for registrations, sign-ins
- Extensive and scalable email server handling
- Extensive ability to receive and handle client data such as emails
- Extensive ability to receive and process User contacts such as emails from sources such as Outlook, GMail, Hotmail etc...
- Graphical and intuitive user interface (we will supply images but team must have some design sensibilities)
- Extensive ability to incorporate social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for registration and sharing purposes
- Ability to browse and search
- Ability to work on a non-conventional revenue model that is NOT ecommerce
- Ability to develop API for developers

Other Information
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
- * * * Note: * * * We DO have 2 sample websites we want to model ours after and will provide that information only to the serious contractors we've selected for further consideration.
- Your TEAM would completely unit, system and integration test the entire site (We will also vigorously test the site for compliance with requirements and your TEAM will fix all issues and defects (whether discovered pre or post Project Completion) at the cost of the Project finally agreed upon. We will pay additional as we will agree upon for subsequent enhancements and maintenance, but NOT for defects/issues arising out of 'original' coding and work not meeting the original requirements.)
- Your TEAM will be responsible for the entire site but we will provide supervision and be readily available to answer questions and clarifications
- A successful engagement is where we find a Partner we can work with on a long term basis. Skill, trustworthiness, honesty, urgency, communication and flexibility are skills and traits that will lead to a successful engagement.
- The right TEAM will be interested in working with us because we're a serious but reasonable employer offering a long term relationship, that would lead to further work down the road.
- We will only be responding to the TEAM's that we consider to be serious contenders for the Project.