10 Erotic Stories wanted in 10 days (Adult Content)

10 Erotic Stories wanted in 10 days (Adult Content)


Job Description

Hello There,

I need 5 Erotic Story for Lactation Sex( Step-Father/Step-Daughter) for 4,000 words.

I will pay $18 for One Erotic Story. Means,I will pay total $180 for Five Erotic Story. And I can pay upfront payment also.

You will write a captivating story that will tease arouse the reader.
You will create a catchy title and short tantalizing description for the story.

Please Note these things that should NOT not be in your story.
* No underage characters.
* No incest.
* No rape, dubious consent, or non-consensual sex.
* No injurious insertions.
* No excretory functions.
* No necrophilia.
* No stories that degrade or vilify any group based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

All content must be 100% original, I will be checking with multiple tools. You will receive no payment if any content is plagiarized.

Final document must be proofread and free of grammar and spelling errors.

I would like your work to come with a Title. Also the completed story must come in Word format.

Please let me know if you are interested.