Web Mobile App Developer

Web Mobile App Developer


Job Description

I am looking at developing an indoor mapping system from a web based mobile app.
If the user wants to use campus map there are two ways he could navigate around with it. First would be by just clicking on the button on the homepage then they will be redirected to a page they can fill in the drop down their location and their destination to access navigation for the same. Alternatively if the user is not informed or knows his current location- we would have QR codes for different locations on Maps and Posters around campus saying, “Are you lost, navigate by scanning this QR code.” Once they scan it, the site will find their location and let them fill the destination which will allow them the navigation again.
Technology Restrictions & Recommendations

1. Mobile
Applications must be developed using programming language that can be utilized on all three major platforms: IPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Therefore, only the following three technologies can be used:
a) HTML5
b) CSS 3
c) JavaScript

2. The Following libraries of code are recommended, though not required:

a) JQuery Library
b) Node.js
c) Backbone.js

3. To obtain free fonts, applicants are advised to use Google Web Fonts, Though this is not a requirement.

Personal Requirements:
I need to be able to enter/embed pictures based on the location. I will do all the data entry, I need a system that follows the above criteria and is easy for me to use.

Please have a portfolio.

Thank you,

Greg Beaver

Skills: blackberry, mobile-application-development